How to avoid goggle marks?

I dont believe my goggles are too tight. I rely on the suction of the goggles more than strap. But I always have those rings around my eyes after a swim. Is there any way to avoid those? Or will I always have them after my laps?


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You will have to live with it. I'm sure they are too tight. :

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You can put a little Vaseline on them…but then you end up with Vaseline allover your face. I don’t know if that’s any better,

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don't wear them and try it out...

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im sorry, you will always have them. The tighter the suction the more noticable the rings are. I would have to say that the bigger the rings the better the goggles=)
much luck!

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Get goggles which aren't as much based on suction and are more based on the strap, that is honestly all I can tell you.

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even if the googles are being held on by a strap rather than by suction, i think they would still leave marks!
instead of trying to get rid of google marks altogether (because i don't really think its possible unless they are just laying on ur face... but then they would leak horribly...), i would use a cream or makeup to cover them up after practice/swimming...

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try swedish goggles. only like 9 bucks a pop. you can't just buy them and where them, you have to put them together, but they're not suctions cups, they stick into your skin a little and suction based on your skin and the plastic lenses. swimco carries them. it'll all i use.

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Eventually your skin should get used to the goggles (at first I misspelled that "googles") and the red rings should go away somewhat. This may take a little while as your skin adjusts to the goggles but the redness should become fainter over time.

Loosening your goggles may be one option you have to reduce the redness or you could buy a better-fitting pair although if you experience the same problem with the red marks your skin will be stalled a bit in adjusting to the redness since the pressure may not be as evenly distributed.

I have heard of places that will custom-fit your goggles but as far as I can tell these places are very hard to find. But I'd say if you can get a pair of custom-fit goggles they'll be really good for you since your red marks will either disappear or will be distributed evenly (in which case you would need to loosen them) and a pair of custom-fits shouldn't let in any water if you are currently seeing problems with that as well.

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In short, there is no way to avoid it. Take it from me, I've been scuba diving, swimming laps, and snorkeling for over a decade.

The rings are not an indication of the goggles being too tight, it is a result of the suction created by the goggles. The suction forms a waterproof seal and is what keeps the water from entering the goggles. Contrarty to popular belief, the strap is only there so that you don't lose them if the suction breaks. A proper fitting pair of goggles will stay on your face without a strap.

After you're done swimming, try taking a washcloth soaked in warm/hot water, and lay it on your eyes for a few minutes. This will help the underlying blood vessels to vasodialate, and more blood will reach the area that's effected by the suction. In other words, this will help the marks go away faster. :)

Whatever you do, don't try placing vaseline on your face like some of the previous answers suggested. This won't allow your goggles to form a seal, and you will have flooded goggles and be very frustrated!

Good luck!

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You'll have them. Sorry.

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