Lifeguard question...?

I'm applying for a job as a lifeguard for a city pool over the summer..and I need to know what kind of physical condition I need to be in..anyone have an idea?


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Well if you're applying to be a lifeguard, I'm assuming you've already taken the lifeguard class. During in-services at my pool, we have to swim the 500 and backboard and tread and do all that stuff we had to do to pass the class. Although I must admit, when I had to be victim and help lead treading for the class taught at my pool, we were a bit harder on the class than we are on each other when we do in-services. You definately don't have to be an amazing swimmer to be a lifeguard; but you DO have to be able to be strong in the water... aka be able to swim and save someone without drowning yourself!

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you have to be a ceritfied lifeguard.
Where I'm from it requires a 500 yard swim
and a lot of training.
If your up for that, then yes your good.

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