How do i pratice pool games by my self?


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Here are some drills you can do to help you learn important skills.

Practice hitting the cue ball from one side of the table to the other. I know that sounds rediculously easy but it's not. Practice hitting the ball to be as close to the other side. Practice hitting the ball to hit the other side and come back to your side. Pick a random distance and see if you can get the ball to stop right there. Pay attention to how hard you are hitting the ball.

When you hit the ball to the other side and back. Try as hard as you can to get the ball to come straight back. In order to do this, you need to hit the ball directly in the center so that there is no english on the ball. If you master this, you will be able to hit much straighter shots. Ideally, when you are good enough, the ball will come back and hit the cue which you freeze in the follow through position.

After you've got those down, practice english. Hit the cue ball straight against the wall and try to control the english so that the ball bounces in specific directions. Use other balls or pockets as targets.

Good luck.

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hit the balls in he pckets
that is what i do

When i play pool then i cannot use talk with my patner why?

Rack the balls up, Break them If any fall take the magority. Pretend your playing a game, Play both stripes and solids. Equally. Trust me you learn how to manipulate ball movement while keeping a game situation. And Always remember its not what you make, its what you leave.

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Try 3-ball. Rack 3 balls in the normal triangle position. Break (counts as one shot) and shoot the remaining balls, in any order to any pocket. You should be able to pocket all balls within 4 shots. A scratch counts as two shots, but any balls made stay down. Making all 3 balls in 3 shots is a good score, as you have to make one on the break or make two balls on one shot. This game works on your shotmaking accuracy and cue ball positioning. Even though the table is relatively open, good cue ball control will make the game so much easier. Plus, if playing on a coin-op table you get a lot for your money if no one else wants to shoot.

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You could try using this website

It has videos teaching you everything about pool. You can watch the video and practice at the same time if you have a table at home. I don't have a table at home, so I memorised everything in the website and went to kpool(singapore) to practice.

What happens in 9 ball (world standard rules)?

play roltation

What is the standard size of a pool table?

I do it all the time. First you can break the balls or just scatter them over the table 8 ball is good for this routine. then shoot @ either a low ball or high ball if you are successful sinking this shot continue sinking low balls until you miss then revert to the high balls & vice versa this will help you with your shot making When you feel like more of a challange switch to 9-ball in this game all the balls must be pocketed in numeric order which makes you concentrate on your leave. Happy shooting!!!

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