Im a starter with playing pool online. i dont know how to hit the ball. please answer my question.?


How do you strike the mother ball in the pool?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HOW TO SHOOT<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
When shooting the cue ball, use the left mouse button to move the cue stick
around the cue ball. When you have positioned the cue stick where you want,
click and hold the right mouse button. Pull back on the mouse until you have
the desired power (displayed on the right side of the table). Let go of the right
mouse button to take your shot. To move the cue ball when you have ball in hand,
simply left-click the cue ball and drag it to the desired spot and drop it.
For more precise aiming you may use the arrow keys to line up your shot as well.

Trick shot site for newbies?

line it up with the left side of mouse, use the right side of mouse to shoot. hold down on mouse til you get the amount of power you want, grid on side of table will show you power, release mouse when ready to shoot, have fun playing, and good luck.

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