Who's the best all around pool player among Willie Mosconi, Minnesota Fats and Efren Reyes?

All around means versatility in all types of pocket billiard and carom games.


Highest score ever achieved in 14 one rack and who acomphished it? Greatest billiard player ever? (3 cushion)?

I don't even know why Minnesota Fats gets put into the same category as Reyes and Mosconi. Every one of us personally knows people that could regularly beat Fats. To answer your question, Mosconi was the best all around pool player because he was the greatest straight pool player in history. Straight pool is the greatest all around test of pocket billiards. Additionally, Mosconi had to make the best of substandard playing equipment. Players today have the best of everything; new Simonis cloth before every match, brand new polished Aramith balls, perfectly reacting cushions, etc. Reyes is primarily a 9-ball player and he could surely beat Mosconi at 9-ball. As far as Carom and Snooker games are concerned, that's something of a mystery. Both Mosconi and Reyes could play these games well, but they were far more concerned with pocket billiards. This is going to be an endless debate. It's always going to be like comparing Naval Oranges to Valencia Oranges. Incidentally, I often wonder why nobody ever puts Ralph Greenleaf into this debate. Look him up. M.D.-BCA Instructor/Referee.

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efren reyes is best player

In snooker if a red rolls along the rail then into a pocket does it count?

Efren Reyes, why! because during the time of Willie Mosconi and Minnesota fats, the players are not that skillful and it is limited in America, now you can see great pool players from Europe, Taiwan and America but still Efren can beat them.

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