When playing 8-ball pool, and your last ball is the 8-ball, can you combo another ball to make the 8-ball?


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For a legal shot, the cue ball must strike the 8 ball first, or a rail and then the 8 ball. If it strikes another object ball first, that is a scratch.

How do you shoot in pool?

You can't use another players ball to make the 8 ball shot. It's a scratch.

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no, you have to make the 8ball with the cueball, if you do teh combo, you will scratch.

How do they get two pool balls to stand on top of one another when they do trick shots?

A combination cannot be used to legally pocket the 8-Ball

How do you properly measure a pool table?

No...clean legal shot. You can't call any other ball off of someone else's so, why would you think the 8 was different?

What is the minimum number of strokes required to make a 147 break in snooker?

NO If you're playing in a bar check their rules. Some places have their own ways of winning a game

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