How do you hit the white ball in the game pool?


What are the ingredients in billiard chalk?

Let me see if i can think of how .I know ive done it before something to do with a stick?Ill get back with you on this

Anyone giving away pool tables?

silly questoin, with the cue of course

What is snooker?

Generally you learn to use the "pool que" aka "stick" lol
In most cases you sort of poke the white ball in any way that gets it to go where you want...
In the other case you forgot to duck >_>...

Can anyone tell me in detail the proper way to set the lights over a pool table?

Make sure you chalk the tip of your cue well , this will improve your chances of hitting the white ball.

Im going to sun n fun?

>>>>>>HOW TO SHOOT<<<<<<<<
When shooting the cue ball, use the left mouse button to move the cue stick
around the cue ball. When you have positioned the cue stick where you want,
click and hold the right mouse button. Pull back on the mouse until you have
the desired power (displayed on the right side of the table). Let go of the right
mouse button to take your shot. To move the cue ball when you have ball in hand,
simply left-click the cue ball and drag it to the desired spot and drop it.
For more precise aiming you may use the arrow keys to line up your shot as well.

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