What is the best type of pool table?

I know it would HAVE to have slate top. but what brand is the best?


Billiard program?



How to hit the ball in pool?

If you're talking about buying a new table, there are several brands available that are all comparable in quality: Brunswick, Olhausen, Connelly, Diamond, Gabriel, Peter Vitale, etc. Don't get too hung up with brand names. You will get what you pay for. For truly the best tables ever made, Brunswick tables pre-1920's are incomparable, but very, very expensive. My master instructor has tables valued at over $50,000.

M.D.-BCA Instructor/Referee

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brand is not important. If you can afford it, get a single piece slate, the rest is just bells and whistles.

I have an old AMF table that was traded for two satelite systems.
it is level and square. The bigger importance is the quality of the cue stick.

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