I was playing folk?


Cat and a pool table?

Hey Guys, i think he's is refering to his u know what as " Folk ", In this case i am happy for you :)

Best ever snooker player?

folk songs?

How much should i pay for a 7ft 3/4 inch slate pool table?

Say what?

Why doesent my table frame appear on yahoo pool?

no, no u weren't

Where is the best plase to buy a quality Billard Table in the Dallas?

Folk music, Old Folks. .?

How to shoot with cue ball in pool?


I have a Tad pool cue made in the eighties and still in excellent condition. What is it worth?

Do what?

Do you think England will win against Portugal?I HATE ENGLISH TEAM a lot.hOPE ITALY WIN THE WORLDCUP!!.?

lol why?

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