How to use english tool in pool?


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Ol Charlie is nearly right, except the english ball is located at the upper right of the table.

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drag the cursor to where you want to add spin. the bottom will cause it to spin backwards. the left will spin to the right, the right to the left, and the top will add forward spin.

Playing snooker?

I'm not sure what the english tool is but check out this website it may have your answer

Anyone know where I can get this pool table from in the U.S.?

Set up your shot. Then look for the white ball on the upper left of the table. Click anywhere on the white ball to affect the spin of the ball. For instance if you want it to hit the ball and then roll back click on the bottom of the white ball. English velocity is also predicated on the cue speed when you hit the ball. So, if you want the ball draw back slightly don't hit the ball with cue so hard. Open a training room and practice before you play.

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good question when your cue ball hits the desired ball if you want the cue to back up after contact put your lil x at bottom of cue on the english ball provided if you want the cue to continue rolling put the x at top of english ball keep in mind when you want it to move back but not straight back a lil to the left put x at bottom left of english ball if more help needed

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