What is the "Diamond System"?


Any body know of any pool rooms in florida that have full size Snooker tables 12 by 6 foot ..to play on..?

ok ok i read those answers sounds like they think 8ball is a centepede in short its the diamonds or spots on the table its so complicated i wont try to explain i can tell you the sights on a gun are for aiming it but could write a small book telling you how to adjust them for range and whatever there are dozens of books on the subject try to find one that deals with the 40---80--system it uses the diamond syst 100% and it works

What the hell is snooker?

Maybe it is with its shape.

Where can I buy a cheap but good quality pool table?

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How do I shoot the the ball with the stick?

There are actually multiple diamond systems. They are all made so you can predict the path of a ball rebound off a rail or multiple rails, making bank shots and kick shots (where the cue ball hits the rail first and then the object ball) more calculated rather than guessing. They use the "diamonds" or sights on a pool table, which is why they are called diamond systems. If you play on a UK table though, I hear they don't have diamonds. Below is an example of a diamond system.


Is Jesus a mexican?

The "Diamond System" is a system in billiards that is extremely hard to learn and deals with angles and geometry.
Any system for banking or kicking balls multiple rails which uses table diamonds as aiming references.

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