Where to put center black dot on a pool table?


How can i play snooker game?

The only spot that you really need to mark on an American pool table is the foot spot. The reasoning for this is because the foot spot is used in spotting balls in games like straight pool and, of course, for placing the head ball when racking. The center spot is used occasionally, but very rarely. You should be able to eyeball the center spot and place a ball there if you need to. Happy Shooting. M.D.-BCA Instructor/Referee.

How to streach the felt on a pool table??

In the middle of the table if you look at it the long way, at the second dot up. so

. . . .
X right here
. . . .


On the end that you rack on go up two diamonds then center it with the center diamond on the bottom rail.

Pool exprets---please read?

I used 2 strings , one stretched from center diamond to center diamond long ways down the table and the other stretched from the second diamond to the second diamond across the table at the racking end . I used some tape to hold the strings in place. Where the strings cross each other is the place where the spot goes . It worked very well.

How do i play pool using an apple computer?

is not necessary at all.
you will never use it...

In what order do you place the balls for a proper nineball rack.?

How about right in the center?

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