Can anyone tell me in detail the proper way to set the lights over a pool table?

My dad told me that lights above a snooker or pool table have a certain way they should be set. According to him, when the lights are set properly, you should be able to aim your shot by using the reflection of the light on the ball. He said that my grandfather, who used to run a pool and snooker hall, knew how to set them correctly before his memory started to fade.


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1 quantity of a metre long fluro light, exactly in the middle, exactly one metre above the surface on the fabric should do it.

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For pool I use a 3 light bar sys
About 4 feet above the table ck my 360 one of my bar tables is in it
1 metre would be to low I would hit my head on it
As for aiming by the lights ? ill leave that for someone else I dont want to have all the fun
For snooker you may want a 4 light sys.

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Ask your dad then?

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