Can someone help me come up with a name for a co-ed 8-ball team?


In snooker how does one improve on potting skills and later positioning for further pots?

48 Ounce Cues

Ronnie O'Sullivan at the International Pool Tour?

"N 2 WIN".

Who is the greatest pool player of all time?

Hot shots

Decent cheap pool table?

pocket poolers

I feel like a dork for asking, but how do you play yahoo pool?

the aces

Does anyone know if it is possiable to watch live world snooker in florida..what do i need to get..?

speed freaks

What are your predictions for tonight's snooker matches on malta cup?

If it's an all girl team...BallBusters

Do you have to call the 9-ball to win the game or can you slop it in as long as you hit the object ball first?

balls and racks

I like to play yahoo pool game but, my computer is not supporting yahoo games sites.?


Want to play pool on yahoo messenger ...but can't get it to shoot at the balls with cue...what do i do?

Racks and Balls

How do i type messages while playing pool?


How can i view live snooker matches from my computer,if possible for free?

"co-ed for you"...How is that?

How about NIPBALLERS?/

Who do we talk to about inventing a pool game?

Nuts and bolts. Franks and beans. Not wait, I got it... The Brady Bunch!

How do you best wash pool-hall chalk off your hands?

The Pool Party

Pool table outside?

The Hard-Ballers



Do women prefer a game of pool or a game of snooker?

co-8 or co-ball

Why the hell is yahoo pool freezing up all the time lately?? i've sent a 100 error reports !?

"The 8 Balls", "Hot Pockets", "Balls of Fire", "The number 8's"

How heavy are snooker balls?

The "Cue Pockets" if you get my drift

Can any one tell me how we play yahoo pool on the proxy ?

The Black Sheep? The Macaronis? The 8 Balls? How about The Short Cakes?

How do you make this shot?

the pocket rockettes

Last name of a 9-ball champion?

Men with long sticks. hmm, that doesnt sound right.

Question about pool instruction?

chicks n' dicks (with sticks)

Question about recent Pool Cues i have bought?

Sticks & Pockets!

Do good pool tables have thick legs?

never rack

Is this a real rule in pool?

just having fun

What dose the in side of a pool ball look like?

Rack and balls...

The Nugget vs the Rocket...?


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