Breaking into new running shoes?

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I'm trying to start a 2.5 month long conditioning for long distance running. Today I ran in my New Balance Cross Trainers (608) I wear all the time and found them inadequate for performance. I have new New Balance lightweight performance shoes (720).

My question is: How long will it take for me to break into the new running shoes? When could I start running knowing I probably won't get painful blisters/sores b/c I have shaped the shoes to my feet. Thank you.


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It only takes like a night. Wear them around your house when you just got em so they aren't dirty. The heat from your feet molds the shoes to fit better. After that it should be fine.

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For me, it takes about a week. I would walk in the shoes for a couple days, then I would run in them. The first few days running make my feet a little sore, but after that, I'm good.

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That's rough. The answer is that u just have to keep running, and walking around in them. You will get blisters because their new shoes. If they still don't feel like there broken in then maybe bring them back. But try to just walk around and get used to it. Hope that helped. Good luck.

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It usually takes me about a week or so to break in new shoes. Unfortunately, that is the time that you are most prone to blisters. Basically, blisters occur because of friction between your feet and your shoes. It can also occur between your toes when they rub against each other. One of the major causes of blisters is running with shoes that are too tight, so you may wish to try running with looser laces.

Moisture also contributes to the formation of blisters. If your shoes do not breath well, moisture may build up in your shoes. Socks made of synthetic fibers wick moisture away from the skin. There are plenty of "blister-free" sock options out there at running stores, and they're all about the same to me.

If you know where on your feet that you are prone to get blisters, you can also apply petroleum jelly beforehand to reduce friction. Personally, I like to use the Body Glide lubricant, but Vaseline is just as good.

Good luck with your new shoes.

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Good shoes do not need breaking in. They are ready to go. If you have problems with the fit they will never fit well. If you have worn shoes so long that they are shaped to your feet the shoes are worn out. You should change them before they become misshaped.

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