Can a woman wear mens's running shoes?

I am UK size 6. I went to the store yesterday and bought a mens size 6 as as the women's size 6 were sold out but they had lots of men's size 6 left on sale. Are they ok to wear? Is there any noticable difference?


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There are a few main differences between men's shoes and women's shoes. First, men's shoes frequently fit differently than womens, and they are different sizes - about 1-1.5 sizes different, at least in US sizes. You will have to check if there is also a difference with UK sizes. Also, men's shoes are usually wider all the way (standard width is B in women's, D in men's, I think), and even more wider in the heel. Finally, men's shoes are usually built for heavier people, so they tend to give extra support (and weight).

Of course, they also look a little different, especially with the colors. As far as whether they are ok to wear, well, as the saying goes, "if the shoe fits, wear it." :)

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i prefer mens sport shoes actually but usually the sizes are not the same...the mens tend to be a bit larger in the same size, which is why i prefer them...a little more roomy. Ive never felt any sort of difference and Ive been wearing them for years.

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men got 5 toe , and similar foot , so what gonna stop us from wearing men's stuff ?

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yes, but nowadays, women have specific shoes made for them, so it would be better to wear women's shoes. You can look for differences by trying the men's shoes out by yourself. Try before you buy,always..

Good luck!

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no actually if a woman is caught wearing a man's shoe she is arrested on the spot

iv seen it happen

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You could wear i guess. But because of a woman's wider hips the pressure on the heel is different from a man's. So there are special soles for men/women. If you are really serious about running you might want to check out such shoes.

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you can, but remember that women tend to have narrower feet than men. so you might want to look for men's narrow sizes. as long as the shoe feels good, use can it.

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Yes, as long as you don't feel less confident about yourself.

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Yes. They will be wider but if you have problems with your feet (my mom does and prefers men's shoes) it can actually be helpful. Nike are the most narrow women's shoes and Nike men shoes are a little wider- if you like their style but need a wider shoe then you can go with a mens shoe.

However, with that said, they aren't horribly wide and don't look that much different. They will fit fine- I think they're much more comfy! (They might be a little heavier in weight though)

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yup my mom used to


As long as the shoe fits and there is no extra gap, it should be okay to wear. I live in the US and the sizes tend to be pretty different for mens and womens shoes. It can get to 3-4 sizes different in the larger shoes. So make sure that you feel comfortable with them. It's dangerous to go running with improper shoes since you can easily injure yourself. Be cautious. If you start to get foot pains, immediately switch out. or add proper cusioning/foot support (which you might consider doing anyway)

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its a little bad cause mens shoes has ben calculated by there sizes and wight .and wemen are a little +wight than men and have less mussles and there steps are difrent but if you like mens shoes wear them its your call

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