Please answer? I have to run 5 miles tomorrow for soccer im not worried at all because im a good runner see i then a couple hours later have to run sprint workouts at track im a distance runner and were doing like 6 800s or something my question is what can i do after the 5 to recover and stuff like that for my sprints


Will jogging help me?

Basically, you're running 5 miles, then you will have a couple hours of rest, and you will be doing sprints. Your goal is to make sure that you recover after your 5 miles as quickly as possible before your sprints.

1) After your 5 miles, continue walking for about 400-800 meters or so. Pick up some sports drink and carb snack, and just keep going. Your legs will recover faster because the walking pumps new blood in there, pushing the waste products out.

2) During your two hours or so, you should do some quad and hamstring stretches. For long-distance running, these are the muscles that are usually worked the most. Also, remember to stay hydrated and eat some low fat protein snack with other carb snack. This will help your muscles recover and stay active for when you do your sprints.

3) Shortly before your 800's, stretch your calves and shins. These are the main leg muscles that sprinters use, and you want to get them ready.

4) Run.

Good luck tomorrow.

XC help please!!?

tell your soccer couch u dont fell good and dont go

How long would you expect me to be able to run if I called myself a "long-distance runner" and why?

My suggestions would be just to gut it out. You're really asking a lot from yourself to do that much- two workouts really. If you're allowed to, don't push the 5 miles and make it more of a 'warm up' (just a really LONG warm up!) for your sprints. Have you considered just telling your track coach what you have to do so that he doesn't expect as much from you?! Your track coach should be pretty understanding- or, your soccer coach should be! If you're doing 6 800's thats already 3 miles- can't he count that towards the 5 miles? One of these coaches has to be understanding. If you do both (I feel so bad for you!) don't drink too much water in between or eat because you'll make yourself sick doing 800's. Try to drink that day during school and eat healthy non fatty foods that won't slow you down. Try to get some rest tonight as well. I still think it's too much- honestly talk to one or both of the coaches. I'm sure they'll understand. If not, have them call me and I"LL talk some sense into them!!

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That's quite a day's worth of workouts!...hopefully you didn't have practice today & you'll be able to rest on Saturday (?). If you're settled on the fact of doing both practices, I would...

1. Take the 5 miles at an easy pace (don't try to "win" it to impress the coach...let him/her know that you have track practice later on...6x880).
2. Walk for 10-15 minutes afer the 5 miles, then rest your legs.
3. Drink plenty of water..before, during (water bottle), and after.
4. Walk a lap of two before track practice to get your legs warmed up.

I'd also let your track coach know about the soccer practice (5 miles)...there's nothing wrong with being "dedicated" just have to be careful that you don't overdue it & get injured. Best of luck!

- Mike

I get out of breath pretty quickly... but im very athletic and in shape whay could be the problem?

ice up after the 5 miles.

Then get your food in, complex carbs and protein snacks.

Then you should be fine, I mean that actually sounds fun. I havn't had many times where i've had to really push it like that.

Posture for recovery breathing?

sounds like you are in way over your jk not really. You can do it. I would nevery be able to do all of that. At cc practice we would run 61/2 miles and i would be exhausted after that, so i am shocked that you are able to do all of that! Good Job!

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