Any good running movies?


I need a workout that i can stick to?

"Without Limits", "Prefontaine", and "Fire on the Track" are all great Steve Prefontaine movies. If they don't fire you up before a race, you probably don't want to run! "4 Minutes" is a good Roger Bannister movie. Not quite as inspiring as the Pre movies...Sir Roger just didn't have Pre's style! Plenty of class, though! "Chariots of Fire" is an old stand-by, but it's about sprinters, so... "5000 meters: Nothing Comes Easy" is a great documentary on some of today's American distance stars in their quest to qualify for the 2004 Olympics

Injured and miss the team..?

Without Limits, its about the runner Steve Prefontaine and his career.

I love to run, but i run out of breath easily &my doctor says it's just my lung capacity-how can I increase it

The four minute mile is the best running movie ever created.

I can run 2 miles in 14 min. I need to get this time down to 13 min. in 1 month. HELP!?

Like Sports Try Watching Radio or go to
they have lots of movie there

Fat backside!?

Chariots of Fire

Hardcore runners what is the #1 problem that you can't seem to solve?

4 minute mile and Forrest Gump.
woohooo great movies.

Can wearing knee support prevent injury while running?

I would have to personally say in my opinion the best movie is Without Limits. I just think it is a classic, and it has some really good philisophical points to it!

Would thinning the blood help with running?

Prefontaine. It is a great movie and highly inspirational and motivational. I love it!! Chariots of Fire is good as well but, as much as I love running, I feel it is slightly overrated. Four Minutes is a good watch but not nearly as enthralling as Prefontaine. Without Limits is good as well but I personally prefer Prefontaine. It is a great movie!! Even a friend of mine who hates running enjoyed it.

What are spikes recommended for?

Rocky movies always get me pumped up to run. He makes it look so satisfying.

How can I get my esophagus in shape?

Without Limits is simply the best.

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