Track & Field Question:Is it recomended to change the direction you ran around the track every other workout?

Question:I have heard it is good to change the direction that you run around the track to avoid shin splints and to ensure no strength inbalances
Please give sources( so I can give it to my Track Coach)


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"Whenever possible, run on a clear, smooth, resilient, even, and reasonably soft surface. Avoid running on hills, which increases stress on the ankle and foot. When running on curved surfaces, change directions in forward movement, so that you have even pressure on both feet during the run."

(Source: U.S.A. Track and Field Association, Road Runners Club of America and American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine)

Here is what I could find for your. They all seem to reference the same source. I am a track coach and I understand the importance of changing directions because of the the pressures you can put on your inside foot and hip joints.

I don't know how much it will help with shin splint because you are running on the hard surface of the track. The best thing you can do is do work outs on the grass to strengthen and give cushion to the foot and shins. Shin splints are just a part of track especially near the end of the season.

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this is only true if you are doing longer distances on the track. it helps to balance out the wear-and-tear of your shoes and keeps your shins and knees more strength.

sorry i dont have any sources but thats what my coach told me

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Yes that's true i do track right now and our coach makes us warm up by going the opposite direction on the track to even the leg strength so you don't run with a limp.

p.s its for sprinters as well as long distance, hope this helps out : )

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yes bc ur hips will get used to running one way and u will have major hip and leg problems

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I really doubt that it would have a serious effect on shin splints. It will slightly effect your strength balance, but just think about it logically- you only run one way during a race, so doesn't it only make sense to make your right side just a little stronger? I'm of course talking about really slight differences, but why not jut run the same way you do in a race to better prepare you for your event?

If, however, you were talking about cross country, certainly it would make sense to switch it up. You really shouldn't need "sources," just use your brain. Simple logic. Besides, coaches might not like the idea of you undermining what they say (not that I'm saying undermining what someone says is a bad thing, jut something to think about).


why would it matter?

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