Any tips on how to run faster?

i 'm on the track team and was wondering if u guys knew any techniques on how to get more speed..


How Long Does it Usually Take to Train for a Marathon?

Liz run down hill its faster lol just kidding

practice sprinting and long distance too-try not to run on hard surfaces as you may get shint splints in your shins

and talk to your trainer-it makes them feel important but get some back ground first so its not like dah how do i run??

and most important the runners prayer-Jesus help me run good, forgive my sins and my failures and help me to do better be my friend, and run with me Jesus, amen

He said he would in Revelation 3:19&20 and John chapter 3

Nike Shox or Nike Air Max 360's?

yes how bout good old fashion training?

strong abs helps a lot too,
plus strong legs, so train at the gym, and just train train train.

How much does the cold and wind effect your running?

keep your head down for the first 10 or 15 yards

A runner's diet?

running has alot to do about form. elbows in, head up, running straight, just main form things. Ask your coach about specific form work outs. also do build ups. start slow, build up to a sprint, keep a steady sprint for a while then build back down. every couple of times that you do that, hold your sprint for a little longer. You have to go strong. evertime! and if that doesnt work for you there is always distance..

I up get on 5 am ... then 15 min to 20min laters .. i going to run abt 7 to 8 miles ... then should i dink ..?

if its for sprints when u start have a wide stride then narrow it down till its a full sprint. technique helps out alot : )

I need help with track...?

All the answers thus far are good, but keep in mind that you are born with speed. Scouts and coaches are always looking for a person who is fast. They can work on the other things but not your speed. That's God given.

Why does my shoulder hurt when I run?

pump ur arms harder....stretch! run run run

I really need an anwer!?

Some people are just me

Waterproof hiking boots with support for 'over pronation'. Any UK suppliers?

Track spikes if you don't already have them. Just keep condisioning. It pays off.

Who can give advice on Track?

I would try these 3 things:

1. Endurance: Build up your distance by adding one long run to your weekly workout and gradually increasing it each week.
2. Speed: Add intervals once a week...don't go "all-out" on the first interval - try to do even pace at around 90%. You can give it your all on the last interval.
3. Strength: Hills are great weight workouts for your legs. Every other week, try doing a hill workout instead of intervals.

Try the link below for some more guidance. Best of luck this season!

- Mike

Do you agrre w/ me? Jeremy Wariner is da best runner ever?

Stay injury freew by stretching every day. Work hard every practice and do a light run after practice for like a mile to help recovery.

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