For some reason when i run i ALWAYS accelerate slow..but in the end i win the race for like 100m?

how do i accelerate faster??


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you are fast, but not explosive. explosive is a quality that football (and other sports) scouts look for. for football it means how quick you come off the ball. track is pretty much the same princepal, but how fast you come out the blocks.

do jumpropes, and squats. do REAL squats. start with very light weight and have good technique. when you go down, go down slowly, and "explode" up. "explode" meaning try to drive the weight into the ceeling (just an expression, don't hurt yourself). also, do plyometrics. these are excercises that seem like they are very easy when you say them, but in reality are pretty hard if you do them right. they are things like hop on one foot for 20 yds, frog jumps, duck walks, ect. ask your coach, he/she will know what they are and can show you them. make sure (esp. if youv'e never lifted before) that when you lift weights you have an experienced (preferably a coach) spotter with you. also, it is starting to get hot, make sure you stay hydrated (don't want you falling out); plenty of water/gatoraid NO sodas.

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Do some power workouts. And practice strides. When your racing you have to fight your slow acceleration. Just some ideas. I hope I helped.

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Do exercises to increase your leg speed i.e. fast feet and karaoke. Do other plyometric exercises such as the one where you stand sideways and push off with one foot and land on the other (but travel acroass the track...sorry I forget the name) and do lunges and high knees to increase your power. Also work on your starts to improve them.

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im a very explosive person but im slow. what my coach told me is that when your in a block or in a starting position, and you start, put your chin to chest (look down) and drive your knee to your chest and keep your body low.

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