Any running/breathing tips for long distance running?

Question:I have crosscountry tryouts tomorrow and would really like some advice and tips. I mainly would like tips on how to run without getting tired too quickly.
Thanks in advance


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As someone said before DON'T sprint the begining, just go a little faster than normal. Don't worry about all the idiots sprinting out the begining. The way you win a race is to hammer (go faster) during the middle of the race. You want to catch as many people as you can in the middle, especially those idiots who sprinted at the begining. Then at the end of the race you just want to give it all you've got and don't look back.

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Well, I had cross-country in october, so all I have to tell you is breathe normally (or as normally as you can), sprint a little in the beginning of the race and if someone's behind or in front of you, sprint like heck's heck came to town in the last hundred m or so, remember not to waste all of your energy on the middle part of the race, and most importantly, never EVER, under any sircumstance, stop to take a breath when your clearly doing great in the race. Just keep saying, 'I can do this, I can do this' over and over in your head.

Hope this helps. =)

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Do NOT sprint at the start, but start just a hair faster than you think you want to. Don't overdo it. As for breathing, try to breathe (relatively) slowly and evenly. Just like your stride, your breathing should follow a steady rhythm over the course of the race. You stride should be much faster than your breathing, though.

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I don't know youe fitness level, but it seems like you're a beginner. Just pace yourself, and try your best. That's really about all that you can do for now. Good luck, and remember that you'll improve dramatically!!

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I run a great deal of cross-country and once you get the breathing pattern down you will never think of it again. It is best to breathe in when your right foot hits the ground and breather out when your right foot hits the ground again. Remember to breather in through your nose and out through your mouth. Why right foot? well by breathing in and out when your right foot hits you will prevent diaphragm spasms form occurring (aka..side stitch) This is very common in out of shape distance runners. I always get side stitches when i first start back running and it is important to breathe in when your right foot hits the ground.

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In the fall I did cross country, and now doing distance track. I personally am doing fine just breathing out of both my nose and mouth. Breathing won't get you to tired to tell you the truth.

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Running definitely gets easier with practice. For tomorrow just relax and do your best. Don't exercise or worry too much's best to rest and relax. Try the breathing tips on the link below & know that running will get easier the more that you do it. Good luck!

- Mike

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Start out quickly, but not at a sprint. Then gradually slow down to your normal race pace. When have a little less than 100 meters to go then sprint it in.

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