5 min mile?

Question:Is the easyest way for me to run a 5min mile to come around like this
lap1 1:10
lap2 1:20
lap3 1:20
lap4 1:10


What should i eat and drink just before a 1500m race that i have tomorrow? And when should i eat/drink them?

If you think you are capable of runing a 5:00 mile, then those splits are actually quite accurate bc most people speed up at the beginning and the end.

What the heck is wrong with my legs?

its possible...

Running a marathon?

i just went 4:59 two days ago, and i think my 400 splits were about what you are wanting to go actually it felt really is to do too

Pre or bannister??

Why don't you run the first lap a little slower. It is easier to run even splits than to slow down 10 seconds on the second and third laps and then try to pick it up on the last lap.

Does anyone have any experience with a patella strap?

that would be pretty ideal

most people go out a little faster on the 1st lap just to establish position in the field...
then the second and 3rd laps you've got to conserve energy so you can really go at it towards the end.

if you don't get it the first time, don't give up. running a five minute mile is such an accomplishment! Good luck!

In the 40 yard dash i get slightly under 5 seconds,and slightly under 7 sec in the 50m. Is this good for 12?

I would lower the first lap a little to 1:15, but I have a "kick" so my last two laps are all out.

Spending too much energy at the beginning will decrease performance. Try and keep the times even, 1:15, 1:17, 1:17, hopefully and sub 1:11 last lap would pull you past your goal.
1:15, 2:32, 3:49, 5:00. The time should be displayed, but listen for it so you know you're on pace- i had trackmates help me out, and shout stuff for me...

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