Breathing when running-I've started to run 1-2 blocks @ a time, but i cant ever seem to catch my breath?

Question:How should i breath? I get really embarassed.
is it in your nose and out your mouth?


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Breathing should be natural. When I get cramps or fatigued, I breath in through my nose & mouth and out through my mouth. If you get out of breath easily, try relaxing your pace. See the link below for some other tips. Good luck!

- Mike

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In your nose and out your mouth is right. I usually just breathe in and out of my nose for the first few miles. This helps to regulate my breathing and I guess I can control it better, but I don't know many people who do this. Once you get a breathing pattern down the rest will be easy. Good luck.


take slow breaths and concentrate on your breathing

if it gets too bad stop. you might be harming yourself.

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You wouldn't believe how many times I hear this question, even from "professional" runners. So, there's no need to be embarrassed. When you're running short distances, it doesn't really matter whether you breath with your nose or your mouth. However, when you start running longer distances, you have to learn to inhale and exhale efficiently so that you get enough oxygen going through your system.

We inhale air either through our nose or mouth. The mouth is larger than the nostrils so you can inhale and exhale more air through the mouth. While running, you need more air than when you’re sedentary, so it only makes sense that the most effective way to breathe on a training run is inhale and exhale through the mouth.

While running and breathing in and out through the mouth, some air will come in through the nostrils but it’s not a huge factor and you won’t have to concern yourself with it.

Basically, just do what comes naturally. Trust me, you have been running and breathing since you were a little kid. Just keep going with it. There's no need to be doing anything special just because you're running a little farther than before.

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You can't catch your breath while running. Breath naturally.

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Try breathing in on every other step, in other words breath in when you take a step with your right foot and breathe out the next time you step with that foot. When you stop running take deep breaths.

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