Are sprinters born or made?

Question:My daughter is only 10 but as we've started running together I've noticed that (like her old man) she gets better (relatively) as the distance gets longer. On her soccer team she is middle of the road (speed wise) at sprinting. In gym class she is fastest in her class in the 3/4 mile run.

I'm curious if she can improve her sprinting. Can you make yourself a better sprinter or are you just fighting your "build"?


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World class sprinters are BORN. Yes, they undergo rigorous training to hone their skills and cut a few tenths of seconds off of their times, but they were born extremely fast. Same deal with really slow runners. They can get better too, of course, but they will never be very fast. A lot of genetics are involved. The very first poster had a great answer. You inherit a certain % of slow twitch and fast twitch muscle fibers. You can change this % slightly either way through training. However, the fastest runners in the world were never slow. And the slowest people in the world will never ever be able to be the fastest, no matter how hard they train. Jumping is the same way, incidentally.

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the old nature vs. nurture. She can surely be trained to be a better sprinter, but it really comes down to her percentage of slow twitch vs. fast twitch muscle fibers that she inherited from you and her mom.

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theyre made, lots of training on the legs by jumping sprinting with parachutes and so on

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Yes by steadily increasing the pressure or distance her muscles will get stronger and therefore she will become a faster runner

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i would Definitely say that sprinters are made. Being able to sprint fast can come from being bron with it, but if she has the initiative to work hard and get stringer, she will be able to be a good sprinter. I'm in track, and working out and doing multiple sprints in a day really build muscle. soreness is a sign of accomplishment and its also a sign that you can reach a goal if u have the will to try. Long distance is a very hard thing to do , and if your child is good in that area, you should be proud of her, thats a hard thing to do!

Any ideas about how to help me?

okay, okay, okay.

first things first.
long distance runners and sprinters are NOT the same.

I do both, but my REAL events deal with sprinting.

sprinting, it is all relative to how much you train her.
you could be born with AMAZING sprinting potential, but if you don't test it, it's not gonna happen.

From what I'm seeing, your daughter is a long distance runner. I mean, she could become a sprinter, but I think she'd be better off doing long distance-- as i see that she's better at the long distance. if you want to train her to become a better sprinter, you need to have her work on her quadracepts and her calves.

Being good at long distance is harder than being good at sprinting, I know that from experience, you can teach anyone to run fast, but can you teach anyone to run fast for 5K? eh.

my advice is, nurture her ability to go the distance =]

EDIT: you don't have to be BORN with sprinting skills. I know a guy who upon entering high school was frailer than a stick weighing about 110 lbs. He couldn't even keep up with the guys his first couple of weeks. Now, three years later he's going to districts and breaking records. Why..? because he was determined and he trained. He's now about 135 and very muscular, short, but muscular.

I agree that you can't change water into juice, but you can take water and form ice with it, can't you? If you really want her to sprint, train her, however I really recommend that you keep her in the long distance path. I know from experience, that running long distance is hard, if she's good at it, you got yourself a winner.

Also, I recommend that you get her into a swim team or some type of swim program a couple times a month. From my experience the best runners are almost always really great swimmers as well.

hope that clears everything up.

If u run everyday?

The answer to your question is Yes! To be a successful sprinter you must have the ability to train for the event. Everyone can not be a sprinter. The old saying is you can't make a race horse out of a plow horse is true. It takes a lot of work and time to develop a sprinter and to make them better. It is not possible to make a sprinter if someone does not have the body or muscle percentages to become a sprinter. You can improve speed. You can not make a sprinter out of someone who does not have the ingredients to become a sprinter. If this was possible then you could make anyone anything they wished to be, and that is not possible either. Yes a sprinter can become a better distance runner with training, but no, they can not become a good distance runner. It is more than just fighting your build. She can make herself a better sprinter, but she can not be as good as the people who have the sprinter body.

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No, everyone one else is wrong, you are only born with whatever natural speed god decided to give you and that natural speed is all that you will ever get, distance runners are made and therefore by training with many different sprint work outs you will be able to keep running at your maximum (the speed you were born with) for a longer period of time, therefore improving your times.
Edit: Also as you get older and your legs get longer your times will increase due to your strides getting longer!

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you can make yourself a better distance runner by running longer distances. Your born with sprinting speed for the most part but if you run sprints and lift weights you can cut times down by a few tenths of a second.

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yes, you can make her a better sprinter. Since she already seems good at long distance running, get her more focused on running longer distances. This helps because the longer the distance, the more you'll want to increase your speed and her stamina increases. This will make her stronger and better at sprinting because she has the speed . I know from experience because i did a 5k competition and i was pretty much running the whole thing and i got 2nd place out of my heat. Like, if u sign ur daughter up for the 400 meter run/sprint, which seems pretty long, she will be able to be really good at that because , she has great stamina and speed, and one lap is pretty big and she will be able to win that and all.Just practice running with her at a really good pace and believe me, it is possible to be both a sprinter and a long distance runner. Of course, practice 400 meter sprints, the 200 and 100. Hope it helps!!

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actually. u have to have a little bit of both. my mom nd my uncle were sprinterz nd i have a lil bit 4rm dem bt u still have 2 train

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you may be born with some talant, but your definetly MADE.
She can improve her sprinting by doing speedworkouts such as 4x400, 4x200, and 6x100's. :)

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Its kind of both. Most like to say that you're born with it. If you're really fast, you have natrual speed. But obviously you can still improve. i was seen as pretty fast when i was in middle school, I joined track and I only got better and better. There are alot of things about your running you can tweak like your form. Since she's only 10, she will be able to do alot with herself if she tries.

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Well sprinters are born,, but this applies mainly on the Olympic scale and college scale,, if your daughter is 10 she can improve her speed alot,, just have her do some sprints

i'll say 10x50m nice and easy or some hard 5x50m really fast,, also maybe some 100m workouts too, but to answer your question sprinters are born but she can improve her speed alot.

example: myself i was the faster sprinter in ever school i attended, I but i ll never be a short sprinter on the Olympic scale, im more like a 400m runner,, but at the same time its very hard for someone to beat me in sprints

One of my befriends won the Jr. Olympics in 3 sprint categories when he was around 10 years old not cause he was so fast cause he was training hard. When we both were running track in high school he was to slow to be a sprinter he was turned into a distance runner.

It sounds like your daughter is athletic so if you work your daughter hard enough she could be the fastest girl on the soccer team.

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Trust me, from my own personal experience sprinters can be made. Last year i could not sprint for the life of me. I ran a 200 in 30!
Now my 400 is at 56. So as you can tell my 200 obviously must have dropped

But I am a 10th grade male so this might've had a lot to do with late puberty

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