Best watch for monitoring heart rate and I would also like it to have a GPS feature.?

I am currently looking at the Garmin Forerunner 301. Does any one have one of these watches or a watch that they like? I would like to keep the price reasonable 200 or less. Any ideas suggestions? Please serious responses. I am getting close to my first 1/2 marathon and plan to move to a full when ready. I am not a cyclist or a swimmer, runner only.


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I have a Timex Speed+Distance system, only without the heart rate monitor. I know they make one with that option for around $200-250. The thing I like about the Timex system is that you can wear it as an everyday watch, then add the GPS armband when you want to run. It also has many of functions of the Garmin and other brands, such as alarms for every mile, alarms when you go faster or slower than a selected pace, lap timers, and the option to plug into a computer and download your info.

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I use the Garmin and like it a lot! After the data is downloaded to your PC, there are some great tools to analyze the data. You can also download maps and upload details of your workouts to the web for others to view. I would highly recommend the Garmin. I have not used the Timex Speed & Distance, so I can't really talk about it from personal experience but I chose the Garmin because it is self contained (watch and HRM) whereas the Timex requires the arm band, HRM and watch.

Good Luck!

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just a little notice: after you run really fast and hard..Walk it out..Don't sit down.....walk cross country teacher said if you sit or lay after running your heart can stop...

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I've been using the Garmin Forerunner 201 for over 2 years now...and I really like it. I want to buy the Forerunner 305, but have no reason to 'dump' the 201..yet. The 301 has all of the same features as the 201 plus the HR strap & monitor. Garmin makes great can't go wrong. Check out the link below for Forerunner product reviews. Best of luck!

- Mike

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I recommend Garmin, I have the 205 without the heart rate monitor but it is the most ac curated I have found. IT has no pod you have to attach to the arm or foot. I have had the Timex with the heart rate, I have had the polar with heart rate and fitsence. I would go with the Garmin, their tech support is the best of all the ones I have mentioned.

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