Are Ankle Weights Safe While Running?

I'm wondering if using 3 lb ankle weights once a week while running 3 miles is safe? My goal is to build strength and speed, but I don't want to cause any future harm.


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DO NOT run with ankle weights or anything weighted apparatus strapped to your ankles. 1st of all it will change your stride pattern put added stress on shin/ankles/achilles and especially your knees. You pound these areas enough in normal running it's gonna be bad enough when you get older why would you add more stress and pounding to the mix? If you want to gain power and speed, you do weights, hill running for power, overspeed & downhill running for speed, if you want to use ankle weights for anything it would be to do leg extensions sitting on a bench with ankle weights on and extend/straighten your leg in front of you pulling your toe towards the ceiling

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I would not use weights while running. They will affect your stride and could cause injuries. You can build strength by lifting weights and doing plyometric exercises. If you handicap yourself while running you will not build speed.

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No, but I think i would use a 1.5 lbs. one! You do not want to take a chance and get seriously injured!~

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no something happens to your knee. Trust me don't do it. It happened to me. Also, they stopped doing it in the NBA because it caused something wrong to happen in your knee. It becomes swollen.

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No ankle weights are for other exercises, strength building one that are and controlled. Having them on your legs would only slow you down and hurt your knee's and maybe ankles in the long run. Scissor kicks and lower ab crunches are something to be done with ankle weights.

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I can understand why some people want to use ankle weights for running. After all, you may think that you are getting greater resistance and more of a workout in a shorter period of time. However, what many people do not consider is that such products often result in acute injuries, as well as chronic overuse injuries such as tendonitis.

But don't take my word for it. Look at any professional runner. No one is wearing them. In fact, most (if not all) professional fitness associations consider them as dangerous and unnecessary. The only people using them for aerobic exercises are amateurs who sadly don't know any better.

So why are they even on the market if they are so bad? Ankle and wrist weights can be used safely for the purpose of resistance or weight training involved in strengthening exercises. Nothing else.

As far as I am concerned, whatever miniscule workout gain you think you will gain is worthless if there is a risk of not doing what you love, possibly forever. It is far, far better just to run a little longer and a little faster.

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No. Bad idea. To much strain on your legs. You'd do better to do some hill work.

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dont use them. the extra stress on your ankles and feet is not worth it, and can cause injuries.

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no if you ran with them you get shin splints or ankle and knee diseases.

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