Am I straining myself ?

I jog 4 km a day... Around 80 km a month... Am I straining myself... Well I have started joging for 2 and a half months already.


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Depends on how much running you WERE doing, and what your perceived level of exertion is, and whether this represents ramping up really quickly, and how fast you're running.

Most of the time when I run, it's at a heart rate of about 140 bpm, which I feel is comfortably hard. If I were running a longer race, I'd lighten up a bit. for a 5K I might go all out.

For instance, when I run 5K's (usually once every other day on odd says), I typically run around a 9:30 minute mile, which is fast for me (age 45, only been running for a few years), but could be slow for someone else. When I run 10K's (usually 1 to 2 times a week on even days), I run more like a 10:30 minute mile, which is a bit slower. I usually max out at around 8 mph, on the uphill stretches, which for me are the "intervals" where I try to stress my self a bit.

You should mix "long slow distance" with short, intense runs and stuff in between. This will build you out as an overall better runner.

Two really good books to get are Jack Daniels' book, "Daniels' Running Formula", which is very technical but will help you estimate how much you should be running based on where you are now, and Danny Dreyer's "Chi Running", which is about running your best without beating the crap out of yourself. Both are good books for very different reasons.

good luck!

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Unless you pass out, your body isnt straining itself yet, I run 4km a day too and I take it up a Km every 2 months or so. I think that sort of training is good for your body because it builds stamina. If you find this to strenuous take it easy, maybe rest for a day or 2 without running but otherwise this is a good way to get rid of stitch and a good way to train for fitness.

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It depends on your age and condition. I ran at least that much everyday in high school for cross country and track. At the time I had so much energy because the running conditioned me to use it and be fresh the next day. As long as you keep running consistently, you shouldn't be straining yourself.

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Running 4km per day can become straining, especially for someone who is just starting out. This is less important if you are younger, more energetic, and less prone to injury. Still, most of the running programs I have been involved with suggest running 3-5 days per week (including Cross Country in high school). If you miss a day, it is commonly recommended that you do not to try to make up a day later in the week. The reason is that if you do not give your body time to rest, you may be wearing it out without giving it time to heal from your runs. If you are asking yourself whether you are straining yourself, chances are that you probably are.

During your off days, it is important to try to incorporate some cross-training exercises to avoid injuries. With repetitive motion exercises like running, certain muscles become overdeveloped, causing an imbalance in the muscle group, leading to injury. One common example is how running causes your quadricep muscles to grow very large but your hamstrings do not get sufficient exercise, leading to knee injuries. This is especially common to new runners.

Some great cross-training exercises include swimming, bicycling, yoga, or simply going to the gym to lift some weights. Just choose whichever one you like the most. In addition to injury prevention, you will find that by incorporating cross-training exercises to your regular running schedule, you will begin to run faster and longer.

Welcome to the running world, and happy runnings!

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the more you run the better... you must have alot of motivation.
but there are people who run more than that a day.
if your feeling that its hard on your body, you can speed walk too.
but i think that is really good.

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After 2.5 months a 4K should a day should be fine. You are certainly not straining yourself! You ought to have at least one day a week off for your body to recover though, 6-days-a-week is max for even an Ironman triathlete. It's not too bright to go without letting your body heal and rest for a day.

As an endurance athlete I trained 6 days a week, 5 of them including running 10 - 15 miles in addition to biking or swimming and weights. Once you build up a base you will be able to surpass 4K a day easy.

Good luck and keep up the hard work!

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