Any reccomendations of supplements for 400m sprinter?


Getting bad knees after running?

For running never drink anything like Red Bull or Monster. I recommend a day before have e a bowl of spaghetti for carbs and a banana. On the day of the meet drink lots of water and another banana at least 2 hours before hand and you should be fine.

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2 bananas and can of red bull energy drink

Bowerman's shoes.?

A heavy dose of practice...

You shouldn't take supplements if you don't need to.

I'm 30, and havent run competively in 6 years, what do you think of my chances of a comeback and improving?

Lots of rest the night before a sodas.plenty of water..a light breakfast and a nutritious dinner the night before.

Supplements are just that- they give you what you don't have naturally. Ifyou're working out, training hard and eating healthy you shouldn't need supplements!

What specific foods to eat the night before a track meet?

- for a fast start, do 100m`s [5-8]
but start where u would for the 400 [on the curve]
you should be running these 100`s in 14-17sec.
- for the 100, do five 200`s [at the pace of 35-45sec.]
when u finish, walk until the 300 mark
then jog up to the starting line
wait 20-30 seconds [about]
then start again.
- for the 200, do four 300`s [at the pace of 50-60sec.]
when u finish, walk up to the starting line
wait a minute [about]
then start again.
- for the 400, do three 600`s [at the pace of 1:40- 1:55]
when u finish, walk until the 300 mark
then jog up to the starting line
wait a minute & half [about]
then start again.
- too make your legs stronger, run up bleachers
but u have to zig zag.
u shold go through 5 times
then rest for 4 minutes
& do it again

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You need to drink lots of water. It is easy to become dehydrated. This can cause muscle cramps and lead to pulls. Do not wait until you feel thirsty to drink. Just take your regular multiple vitamins. You do not need anything extra. A good diet, no soda, no bad food.

Does creatine and protein powders benefit runners?

I remember reading a NCAA survey stating that about 40% of all college student-athletes use one or more types of supplements, and of those about 60% started in high school. What is really troubling is that many of students-athletes have little to no idea what the supplement's effects are, or whether any improvement on their performance is actually made. Call me crazy, but I'd like to know a) it won't hurt me and b) it will help me. I'm not going do discuss banned supplements because that does not fall under (a), which is absolutely unacceptable to me. The following is a list of supplements commonly used by student-athletes.

1) Whey protein's primary advantage is that it helps delay muscular fatigue by replacing muscle glycogen stores. This is mostly helpful for long distance runners, but it can also help if you are participating in numerous events.

2) Caffeine supplements are popular among sprinters because it is thought to give extra speed. As it turns out, however, an overwhelming number of research studies has shown that there is no benefit to sprinters. The effect on endurance has been less tested, but there are no indication of improvement here either, despite the popularity of "energy drinks" such as Red Bull.

3) Creatine Phosphate has been demonstrated to increase muscle mass gain, and it has been used with body builders, as well, as recreational sports enthusiasts. Some studies have shown that creatine supplementation can improve performance in sprint workouts, but not in long distance runners. This is probably due to the weight gain associated with creatine supplementation that slows down the long distance runner.

4) Glucosamine and Chondroitin is primarily used to prevent cartilage breakdown in the joints. Many distance runners use it to prevent potential damage to the knee. To date, no one has thoroughly investigated the use of these supplements, but it is commonly thought that once the research is finished, only a moderate benefit will be demonstrated.

5) Vitamins C and E has been demonstrated to improve the performance of the immune system for many, many (perhaps hundreds of) years. Recent studies have also shown that endurance athletes (e.g. marathon runners) can benefit from these vitamins because they also prevent muscle tissue breakdown.

Looking over the list of supplements that I listed, the ones I would recommend for you (400 m sprinter) are whey protein, creatine phosphate, and vitamins C and E. In the case of the vitamins, drinking orange juice should be plenty, but you can always take a multivitamin that also has them. Whey protein and creatine phosphate are relatively mild with few side effects, if any, but you should stop using them if you see *any* adverse side effects. Remember, no performance benefit is worth a health risk that will prevent you from doing what you love forever.

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