Are these Spikes any good?

Take a look at these spikes, do you think there any good . Thre a picture and info at the link below: . thanx


Cutest running shoes ever!?

They are probably fine for the stated purpose (3000 steeple and up); but 45 pounds sterling sounds like a lot to pay for a shoe that one needs to ask about. Remember that your performance is 99.999% athlete and only slightly attributable to the shoe you wear (there have been notable barefoot runners over most distances). If someone is giving you the shoe, then it's GREAT for any purpose, even the 100! If you are a young athlete and the price means anything, you might want to shop a bit.

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Depends what kinda race are you running Steeple? then if yes yeah they're fine...but you can get a lot better shoes for cheaper...if you can find them at the cheaper price because those shoes look a bit pricey. I'd suggest you look for great shoes online or at a store and try to find them on ebay at a far cheaper great shoes i have and got from ebay is also another steeple chase shoe which is the Nike ZOOM LANANG ST they're quite expesive from stores and online shops so ebay would be the best bet...but yeah the Lanang ST's are ranked and i have to agree after owning more than 11 pairs of spikes are the best Steeple chase shoes out there...

But if anything and you can't find anything better for you than that shoes get it...if money isn't the isssue get them by all means and trust me if you don't like a shoes you won't really want to race or run in them either...

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I am not familar with UK pricing so I can't comment on the price. Brooks makes excellent shoes so they are probably good spikes for track distance running. As another poster commented, your performance is 99.999 dependent on your running ability and the rest on the shoe.

One thing to be aware is that spikes are sized very small. Spikes often need to be 1/2 size larger (at least when using US sizes) than trainers. I personally would not buy an unfamiliar spike or racing flat without trying it on for fit. That is going to be the biggest difference between brands besides color.

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thats what I run for 800m & 4x4. Good between distance and middle distance.

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