Can someone suggest a program for a beginning runner?

I don't really excercise all that often and I carry extra weight. I would like to start running. I can ellipitical for thirty to forty minutes and walk several miles at a good pace, so I feel like I am at a good starting point to start a running program. But I can't even run a full mile without stopping. Are there any programs that are good for a beginning runner to build me up to thirty to forty minutes of running or several miles over a decent time span? Thanks.


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I've recently started running (around Easter time) and I'm now running 30-40 mins three times a week, I started out quite overweight and I'm now right in the middle of my healthy weight range so would definitely recommend it if you want to improve your health & fitness. I got a really good book Run for Life: The real Womens Guide to Running which had all the info you need to get started. It's got an up and running in 7 weeks plan which builds you up to running for 20 mins. It includes a lot of walking in the plan so sounds like it might be a good way for you to start. Once you've got to 20 mins it tells you how to continue developing your training, i've enterd a 5 k in June and am feeling quite confident about doing it, running is the best thing I ever did go for it!

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If you cant even run a mile i'd say your starting to high. Try lowering your goal...once you meet that goal set a new, higher one.

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yeah do 2 miles to start but take it easy stop if you have to keep to the same course and note your times this will keep you motivated, My dad was 1 place away from going to the olympics so I reckon he should know

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Since you have been doing some exercise you should be able to adapt to running. Just jog easy until you need to walk, and then walk until you feel like jogging again. You will be able to run the entire distance soon. You should do this 3 to 5 times a week. After you are able to run your distance for a month to 6 weeks then increase your distance 25%. If you control your diet you will start losing weight. Once your body adapts to the training and you limit your calories the weight will drop. It takes 3500 calories to make or lose a pound, so figure out what you eat and how much you exercise. 1 mile equals 100 calories, and it doesn't matter how you cover the mile, fast or slow it is the same 100 calories. I think you will be able to cover several miles within your 30 to 40 minute wind in a few weeks or a month at the most. Run so that you can talk if you can not talk you are going too fast. Drink plenty of water.

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This question is asked a lot. Here is what I tell beginners.

To become a runner, you must get to the point where you can run 20 to 30 minutes at an easy pace without stopping. In addition, you must be be able to repeat this workout 4 times a week. From my experience, it typically takes about 8 weeks for a healthy, motivated individual to go from being a non runner to being a runner. This may sound like a lot but anyone can do it if they want.

There are many plans that you can follow. An excellent beginners plan is on Runnersworld website. Here's the link.,71...

Note, if the above link does not work, go to and search for running 101.

Basically, you start with a combination of walking and running. The total duration of the exercise is 20 to 30 minutes. Over the course of the 8 weeks, you slowly decrease the amount of walking and increase the amount of running. Eventually, you get to the point where you run 20 minutes without walking. The most important thing is to take it slowly so you do not get injured.

Good luck with your training.

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Try this work out it's one i give all my kids i coach who have never run in their lives and i've used it every year myself for conditioning for all my athletes and myself...

Week 1
Just try to Run at a nice easy pace for 15mins that's all...and NEVER WALK in that 15min time this for 1-2 weeks

And by Week 3 up the time length 5mins and hold the same pace for about 20mins now...

By week 4 or 5 up it again if you're then you should be able to run at least 30mins with not too much effort...

But as time becomes the issue to do the workout just increase running pace so you can cover more distance in the same amount of time...

Good Luck...and Remember the Number one rule NEVER WALK in the time you start running you're going to want to keep you're heart rate up to get the full workout and to gain endurance...

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always try to keep the same pace when running, and match the pace to the distance; if you have to run farther, go slower. as soon as you feel comfortable at one pace, slowly raise it faster. always run farther in practice; experts have shown that running slower farther is better training then running the same pace and distance.

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