1500m energy distribution?

Question:I'm running 1500m this thursday.
I've already prepared the physical part but I'm not too sure about the energy distribution. Can some ppl advice me on how to distribute my energy?
I got 4th last year and hope to get 1st this year bcuz the 1st and 2nd of last year are not running.


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Well, I'll give you the advice I give for the mile, since the 1500 is not too far off. The first two laps are all a part of the starting momentum and keeping the pace. Make sure you start off well and don't be bothered by the people who have obviously started out too fast and will die after the first 600m. Then, especially if you've been doing well with the first 800, kick it up a notch for the last two laps. Then do a sprint as you reach the end. This usually depends on how long you can hold it. Best do a sprint that you can start somewhere around 300m before the finish. Best of luck to you =)

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you need to use 50% aerobic and 50% anaerobic distribution for 1500m. so kindly ensure the loading of carbohydrate the day before your event, as well as on that particular day of your event
For the first 400m, Creatine Phosphate and anaerobic (Lactic Acid) systems play a part to propel you forward.
You got to endure the lactic acid for the next 800m. the last 300m requires you to use longer strides.

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the 1500 is much more of a strategic run than the shorter distance, and your strategy should be based on beating the other runners, not just getting your best time. If the other runners are slow that day, you may win without a great time.

for the first two laps, stay with the pack, dont let anyone get too far out in front. If you feel good after 2, stretch out and take the lead, try to open up some distance on the pack. otherwise, stay with the leaders trying to do the same thing. the last lap should be as fast as you can go, give it 100% coming out of the final turn and to the finish line. If you can get into the lead coming into the final turn, you force the people behind you to take the outside of the turn, which is longer and a big psychological advantage.

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Use the force Luke. No but seriously, forget about physically distribution. You will spend too much time thinking and then over thinking it. What I like to do is hunt them down. I hang back just a bit, and imagine myself chasing their punk butts (because I can't use the word I wanted to, lol) down. That mind set would make me preditorial. That will keep you right there the whole time. In the last bit of the race (where is up to you) near the end, gun it like your names Forrest Gump. Run like you never have in your life. Make sure you are TURBO charged with carbs... and no smoking that day either.

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