Can anyone tell me how much effort is required to run a six minute mile?


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You need quite a bit of effort. First off, you need to be already in shape for distance running. After that it's just a matter of technique between sprinting and striding at the appropriate times to ensure that you don't go off target. Best training technique is to find someone who runs it anywhere from 5:15-6:00 and run with them during their serious mile run and just try and keep up with what they do.

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not a lot
it just requires a lot of time and training to prepare for it

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a lot, but its a goal most people can reach with the proper training.

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If you have been doing any type of running...a 6:00 min mile doesnt take much effort..

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a whole lot more effort than I have. Just did a 10K saturday and as I was running I thought I was going to have a personal best kind of day. Boy was I wrong. 56 minutes.

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If you have been active recently by playing a sport or something cardiovascular, it shouldn't be too difficult. You might need to jog a few miles everyday for a couple of weeks but it really depends on how in shape you are in the first thing. It might also depend on how naturally athletic you are. If your parents were track stars it probably will be easier for you to run a 6 minute mile.

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you have to be going pretty fast. like, my laid back jog is only a 7-8 and i'm very fit.

Thats 1:30 per 400m.

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You should always put all of your effort into your races. If you want to get a six minute or under mile you should push it continuously throughout the race. My theory is that if you don't feel absolutely exhausted by the end of the race, you didn't push it hard enough.

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If you run a couple miles each day, it should be fairly easy. Since a six minute mile isn't really that fast. Now, if your running a 5 min mile it'll take a lot of effort.

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4x90 second laps

not too hard if you run 5 times a week

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It really depends on what you are currently running and what you consider a lot of effort. Most people who do regular practice will find that six minutes can be a relatively easy to accomplish task. I've recovered from injuries that take about half a week off and have still been able to do them, so hood practice = easy 6 min mile

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Depends on the shape you're in & how well you've trained. You need to go by your 400 time: 1min 30sec per lap is exactly 6min mi pace. I'm a girl & I ran a six minute in 6th grade, so it's probably even easier for you. Have fun!

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