At 5:00 today I will run 3 miles any advice?

I did cross country 2 months ago but since then I did not even ran a mile how do you think i will do


Does any1 have any training for running?

Keep putting one foot in front of the other. At walking speed you can make that in 1 hour. Jogging you can do it in 20-25 minutes. And keep you mind off of the run. Easy.

For a 13 year old 5"6 female what are good times for the 100m sprint and the 800m run?

Oh, you can do it!

Just make sure you are well hydrated!

How do I measure up?

you havent run in two months?

be sure you stretch well, wear good shoes, and take it slowly at first. listen to your body, if it starts to hurt, stop.

Where do the flat spikes go on track spikes?

drink lots of water listen to music have cell phone (ready for anambulance) lol just jokin bout the last one

Whats the number one network for cell phones?

If you just finished cross country your not to out of shape then.
Run at a pace that feels comfortable, probably 1 to1 1/2 minutes
slower than your race pace. Have fun

How long are spikes good?

take it in a slow jogging pace first, and as you get near the middle, start to speed up a little, and then when you get near the end, you wont be so tired.bring water, a towel to dry your sweat, and first aid kit in case u trip over something.(it could happen)

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