Can you help me with my Polar F4 heart rate monitor?

I can't figure out how to change the readout from % of max heart rate to BPM. Thanks.


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1. In the Time of Day display, press Set until "Settings" is displayed.
2. Press OK. "Limit Set" is displayed.
3. Press OK.
4. Press Set to switch between heart rate limits as BMP or HR Max %. Press OK when it is on BMP.

This information is also in your manual on page 43. A link to the online version of the manual is below.

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go to the website or just take out the batteries and reboot the memory

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Go to the settings part on the watch and there will be a part that deals with the way the info is displayed. I forget where though. Also, the one I have is a different model so it may not be the same but this is the best I can offer.

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