Better to run on pavement, concrete or grass?

Question:I know pavement and track running are supposed to spring more energy back into your step. Concrete I'm guessing would be horrible because there is so little give. What about running on the grass? Because it absorbs more of your step, I'm assuming it would be more difficult to run on grass, but
1. )Is it better for your knees to run on grass?
2.) Does it burn more calories? Anyone know?


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The softer the surface, the less wear and tear you put on your knees. Running on the grass is by far the best for your knees. As far as calories go, I know that the more force it takes to overcome friction, the more energy is needed. So I'd assume you'd burn more calories running on hte grass than on the pavement. If nothing else it'll teach you to focus your mind on watching out for dog loads and holes in the ground, so you might actaully run longer if you're not worried about how far/long you have to go or why your ipod is skipping.

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Personally I think pavement. On surfaces like grass and concrete there can be objects to trip on or that you have to put more effort to step over. Pavement hover is flat and uses almost no energy.

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If you are near running trails, then stay off asphalt & concrete and run cross-country-styled workouts. When you talk about burning calories, you are not going to have that much of a difference in either of those three. Where you really get a workout is running on sand - which is harder than the ones you mentioned - and definitely works the body harder.

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Hi! I think running on grass is the best for your body. The same amount of calories are burned no matter what surface you are running on. I like to run on pavement sometimes but only when I'm working on speed work. For long distance running I would say to stay on grass or dirt. Hope I could help!
Good Luck.

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Grass is better for your knees because it absorbs more shock. The best surface to run in is obviously the track since it is rubber so your feet spring up easier. Pavement is pretty good to, but it can be rough on your knees. I don't really think concrete is that different from pavement, so that would be fine too. Grass is definitely not a bad surface to run on though. Think cross country races! :)

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Grass, or ground in general, is easier on your knees. The problem is that the surface is uneven. Therefore, there may be surprises as you go along. It's easy to turn an ankle when hitting an unexpected rut.

The roads are a little softer than the sidewalks. One time I used to run inside on concrete, and it was the only time my knees ever hurt afterwards. But I haven't noticed any problem with sidewalks over the years.

The calories probably come out even -- it's about 100 calories a mile.

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it also depends on what you run if you run croos country you should run on grass or dirt like substances because thats how your meet will be if track you should either run on the track or pavrement because its a little more springy and wont hurt your knees like concrete may but you could still run on concrete if you like because we do in practice sometimes just to help us and fi it is the only thing you have then you can...i dont know if it really makes a difference but if i had to guess id say the track or pavement would help you lose most calories

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It is a common misconception that running on grass results in less injuries. Grass is a softer surface than pavement, but it actually increases the risk of injuries in runners. Although softer than pavement or concrete, sports medicine experts report more sprains, strains and even tendonitis from running on uneven and inconsistent surfaces like the grass. Because each step creates varying pressures and forces in the feet, ankles, knees, and hips, runners most constantly have to adjust to the surface. Not everyone has the skill or ability to do that easily, although it becomes easier with practice.

The "natural" grass surfaces also tend to slope, and this also creates a dangerous off-center force on the ankles and feet. Over time, running on uneven surfaces can result in tendonitis, inflammation of joints and tendons, and even fractures for those who are unaccustomed.

Between concrete and pavement, both provide generally smooth and sturdy surfaces, but pavement definitely gives more.

As for how many calories are burned, you expend more energy (and burn more calories) on softer surfaces to get to the same distance. That is because when you push off the ground with every step, the ground absorbs some of the energy you put into it. The best way to experience this is to run a few miles on the beach, take a long break, and run back on the boardwalk (or do it the other way around). You will be far more tired after your run on the beach.

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Grass or dirt. the concrete and payment are hard on the joints and I was told by my physical therapist to stay off especially those two surface. you pretty much burn the same amount of calories no matter what kind of surface you run on

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run on grass as much as possible because..
cement can lead to stress fractures, shin splints and more aches, also it strengthens your ankles
dont worry to much about calories, you burn about the same no matter what you run on..have fun

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to me i like to run on pavement or grass, pavement has a nice flat surface but grass is also good as it takes more streangth to run on grass, yes it does burn more callories

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Grass definatly! On pavement there is no give in the ground and it will ruin your knees. Grass and track is the best place to run they both have tons of give.
Hope this helps

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i run on grass whenever i can because concrete causes SHINSPLINTS!! ow i hate those. lol so most definitly, run on grass and do your self a favor =]

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