Annoyances in 5,10,15ks?

Question:Are you more annoyed by
Packs of Walkers or
Jogging Strollers or
or other (list)


Help! iam a 17 year old runner, i eat junk food regularly everyday?

packs of walkers are really annoying because they tend to walk in a long line (horizontal) so you can't pass them. dogs are ok as long as they're under control. joggers are fine unless they're in a pack/ line like I said about the walkers.
I hate it when people get on an excercise trail & are smoking.
I also hate it when people wear headphones and are oblivious to everything around them because their music is up so loud.
Weaving runners are hard to pass, and bikers that don't let you know they are coming bother me too because I feel like I'm gonna get hit.

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this is why many runs now do not allow strollers, dogs, or headphones, and make walkers start at the back of the pack.

the ones I hate the most - walkers who walk 4 abreast to cover the whole running path, and dont get out of the way for faster runners. hello!! you're not the only ones in this race!!
Ran into this at a couple marathons where they started the walkers an hour before the runners. They do it so they dont have to keep the course open as long, but its a huge pain around mile 6 when you start to run through them.

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UGH!! Walking strollers with dogs..that is annoying!!

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I never run into walkers, jogging strollers, or dogs in any of the 5k and 10k races I attended (never ran a 15k, but I did run a couple 20k races). Typically, they separate the runners beforehand by their estimated running pace. So, the faster people are closer to the front.

Even still, just about all the major races give runners timing chips, so as long as you pass the slower people before you pass the starting line (when the chip gets activated), you're perfectly fine.

Also, sometimes during the run, the course loops around so that you see the walkers, those with jogging strollers, etc. on the other side. They're usually great people who start cheering for you, especially if you raise and wave your hands or something. Its a nice boost.

And who doesn't like dogs?

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I'm more annoyed by runners that don't know their pace and start too close to the front. If you aren't going to start out around a 6 min or less mile per pace in a 5K, you shouldn't be in the front rows. Of course, this could also depend on the size of the race too. In a smaller race, it would be okay to be closer to the front depending on your pace. Line yourself up according to where you expect to place.

I've found that most people with strollers, dogs, and walkers will start in the back and they don't bother me.

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I mostly run trail runs; you can't take a stroller up the mountain! It eliminates those peeps, but when I'm on a City run, just respect them; you might be there yourself some day...

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I dislike pack of dogs, especially ones obviously with rabies or something.
I also hate it when there are walkers on the team, sinceyou know they can do better.
The city that I live in has a lot of car exhaust, and smokers, and that's always annoying. Sometimes I feel like I'm getting worse in health rather than better (and it's still possible that it's true).
There are also a lot of bad drivers around, so those + the accidents that get around are pretty bad.
Street lights.
and the heat. I'm okay with the cold, I tend to love it. And rain and thunder can be pretty nice effects to run in =P

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The packs of walkers that walk three or more abreast. I find the jogging stroller folks start in the back, and if they are able to pass me, more power to them.

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What annoys me are people who have headphones on and are oblivious to those around them. Not ALL headphone wearers, just those who can't hear other things.

People who run in front of me and stop or slow down without "pulling over" first so they are not in the way.

Walkers AND runners who walk/run three or four abreast like they won the route. Hard to pass, very annoying.

Runners who can't run straight and tend to weave and cause problems with passing.

But I am sure I annoy people with things I do too so it's all gravy ( =

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Mine would be dogs, because I'm scared of dogs.

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