Average time for 3000 meter in track?

First of all 3000 meter is about 2 miles right? Also, What is an average time for a freshmen during track season?


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average division 1 collegiate freshman go about 8:40 (men) eh.. in high school you're looking at a 10:30 for the average high school freshman. for women its probably going to be about 9:20 and 11:45 respective to college/high school

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3000m=3k=1.89mi. so ya, almost 2.
um, as for a best time... I'm an 8th grade girl & my best is 11min 54sec, and I was top on my team, so I'd say for a freshman...around 12min would be average, but a strong runner could easily beat that and average around 11:30 or less. i guess it depends on how fast you are and your experience.

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you should try 11 30 and faster

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It is about 1/2 lap short of 2 miles. Here the h.s. kids run 3200 so we do not have any times to compare. If you look at the 3200 times and figure what the 200 meters will take to run then a freshman should run the 3000 in about 11:30.

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3200 m (one half of a lap more) is only a bedroom's length different than 2 miles. 3200 m is 1.988 miles. 3000 m is 1.864 miles.

Regular high school freshman times for the 3200 m vary from 11:11 to 12:30 for boys. The 3000 generally runs 45 to 50 seconds faster, making times from 10:25 to 11:50.

What is the average speed for an experienced jogger?

Are you a runner?
In the team?
Do you practice everyday?
well, if you are runner and practice hard each day, good/best runner can run about 11 minutes, slow runner can run about 14 minutes or more!

If girl can run less than 14 minutes,and you know you are guy!

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It depends, why are you running it? Are you competing, or excersizing? I keep seeing 10-11 minutes... THAT'S BULLS&%#! Look, people walk 3-4 mph. Doing the math on that at 3mph mean 2 miles would be 40 minutes, 4mph would be 30 minutes. At the 4mph (walking speed) mark, you only need to triple your walking speed to hit 10 minutes. I can do it in 8 minutes roughly, sometimes more, sometimes less. Put it this way guy, 2 miles is NOT an endurance race. Just freaking gun it as hard as you possibly can. Rest is for wimps and guys who got done winning. If you didn't win and you want to rest, you fit in the first category. Do me a favor champ, blow those other scumbags out of the water Dave.

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