Can I improve my 100m time?

I have been running for about a year at a club but have not improved my 100m time throughout this period. I don't know why this is. Me and my coach have started to do more intense training and work on speed endurance. Do you think I can improve from 13.1 seconds to 12.5 seconds anytime soon?


Finishing a half marathon?

Besides the training work on your starts. Coming out of the blocks and transitioning to top speed, which should take about 40 meters is very important. Work on your form so you can maintain your speed. There are many technical parts to this race. It is not just who is the fastest person. By working on your starts and form along with the intervals you should be able to perform better.

Impoving time in 800m and 1600 meter?

yeh eat steroids

Does does anyone know what training technique strides are?

depends on how old you are but you may have to wait for your muscles to develop more

Is 2 months enough time to train for a half marathon??

tell your coach to record you with a camera how your running (from the side) and see how you can improve your technique.

How many Hours before a 4.5k fast run should i drink ? oz of Endurance Sport drink ..?

squats, deadlifts and romanian deadlifts to improve strength and work on your technique! you should be fine as you develop. good luck

I'm planning on running a half marathon and need to know ,What is the best running shoe for a 250 lb. man .

shorter distances require more muscle explosion when you are running. That's why all the sprinters have huge legs. So you need to work on getting very strong thigh muscles and calf muscles so you can get to the max speed right away. Running endurance isn't going to help your 100 time

What motivates you to become a better runner?

Yeah if you work hard and stretch alot.

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all you need to do is keep practising sprint of 50metres and get your time on that and when you improve that move up 10metres reapeat this process up until 100 metres it is very effective

Training for XC?

what are you doing in workouts? How old are you? You ned to develop mobility, special strength, and especially great technique
Your workouts should consist of technique runs at slow speeds and then transferred to runs at maximum speed. speed work should be after a rest day or light training
Should include
Reaction(blocks/gun starts)/ Acceleration and Speed Drills.
10 × 30 metres at race pace from blocks with full recovery
3 to 4 × 80 metres at race pace with full recovery

I run a 4.5 now what is a estimated time i can run by senior yea?

Practice running 50m alot fast then build it up to 100m fast.

Why do blacks run so fast?

ilove running 100m i was the fastest girl at my school the way i did it was bying spikes(the shoes) they grip the ground for better speed :)

How can I build a stronger core to help with running?

Plyometrics. Use certain drills such as powers skips and straight leg bounds. This works most effectively when you squat twice your bodyweight, but that isn't necessary. Other than that, make sure you are mentally prepared for the race.

And yes, a .6 second increase is very reasonable.

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I inprove my times by training more on up hill runs and I run 40 mile on average a week Oh and I'm 46

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