Are runners better in bed?


How many mile should i run per week to train for my half n full marathon which is 4 to 8 month later ..?

yes, yes, OH GAWD, YES~! :)

Seriously, for both men and women, self confidence and a better self image are the psychological benefits of being a runner, which are thought to lead to a more fulfilling sex life.

On the other hand, being overweight and the number of hours spent watching television was demonstrated to be positively correlated with an increased rate of erectile dysfunction.

Look at the link below for an article on studies involving sex and running. And you probably thought runners aren't sexy.. :)

Does any one know what the fastest time is for a 1600 meter run?

I ran track in high school (lettered in both of the high schools I attended too), and my girlfriends were always happy.

I want to start running, how do I get started?

Sure cardio respiratory endurance is very helpful for stamina's sake.

Breathing in your nose or mouth?

I am thinking it gives me extra energy and stamina, plus I think it helps my libido.

What is the hardest track event to compete in?


Track Try Outs?

Its helped me since I started running about a year ago...just ask my wife!

Is it ok to run with a maybe sprained ankle?

I certainly hope so! I run (still a young virgin, though lol)

How do you get rid of lactic acid in your calves?

you bet!
all that cardio training means you can go a looooonnngg time!

Can anyone reccomend a good gps watch for running. And why ?

Yes we are! We got a lot of energy we can last for a while! :)

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