Buying new running shoes: Before or after a run?

When buying new running shoes, is it best to try them on just like buying any other shoes, or is it better to try them on shortly after a run while your feet are slightly larger?


I am sure someone already asked but I am trying to find out what is the avergate time for a 5 mile run?

Certainly after.always want your running shoe to accommodate swelling. Not necessarily after running, but maybe towards the end of the day.

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After. That way, your feet will have room to expand, rather than being squished up in shoes that fit only when your feet aren't swollen.

Happy trotting! :-)

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it makes more sense to try on a new pair after running when your feet are slightly swelling

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I run lots of marathons. I punish my shoes all the time, so I go through a lot of shoes. In all that time, I never considered whether I should buy new running shoes before and after a run. I just buy them whenever I go to the store.

If you run more than 15 miles, your feet may swell up to an entire size or size and a half up. So, marathon runners usually wear shoes that are a little roomy. If you don't belong to that category, there is no need to worry about how the "swollen-ness" of your feet may affect the sizing of your shoes..

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