What do the numbers on the New Balance shoes mean?


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it is just like on the jordans they don't really mean anything except how old they are

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It's just style numbers, to keep track of what kind of shoe it is. It helps differentiate each sneaker, especially when trying to order a certain make of New Balance sneaker. For example New Balance 450s may have a high arch and be a running sneaker whereas New Balance 570 are a walking women's shoe in blue.

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probably just the style numbers...i dunno

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just the model numbers, instead of names, they have numbers

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Since its founding, New Balance has been a brand concerned with meeting the needs of the everyday athlete. In pursuing this goal, they developed an "Endorsed By No One" philosophy, which holds that a superior product will sell itself better than any superstar athlete ever could.

Instead of naming the different shoe models, they chose to number them because they wanted to place an emphasis on the New Balance philosophy, not any one particular shoe. To this day, that philosophy is upheld as model numbers are advanced to incorporate new technologies and designs.

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it is the model number of the shoe.

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