Can you run barefoot in a track meet?

I've been running barefoot on easy practice days and after workout days for the past month and a half. I've increased calcium intake by taking two teaspoons of pure liquid calcium concentrate in addition to drinking plenty of milk and fortified cereals and soymilk along with my daily vitamins to help my bones adjust to the new stresses. Today I finished my first workout without shoes. 6x1000m @ 3:38 on our cross country course which is like 99% grass. I'm to the point now where I feel like I can run in a race barefoot for a mile. I took 3 cool down laps today on the track and I feel like I can handle the rubber surface. Has anyone ever witnessed a barefoot runner in a meet or cross country event? Is this even allowed? I know that in Indiana cross country you have to have at least one shoe on at all times. Not sure about the track meets though. I've already planned out a strategy to win, sprint out to avoid spikes. I'm a decent miler. I can get in the high 4:40s.


Racing pace?

There are more and more barefoot runners all over the US. I don't know much detail since I'm just a barefooter in everyday life, not much into running, but I bet someone at one of the barefoot runner sites or forums can help you; these guys run marathons and such barefoot too!

Getting gains on hard running days?

Ya gotta be kidding me homie..

What is healthier running on a treadmill or running outdoors?

Why would you do that?

How many calories a day?

nah. I don't think u can run barefooted.

Decent running program?

In international competition you may run barefoot--there was a Kenyan who ran the steeplechase barefoot at World Championships a few years ago, though I can't find a reference on this.
You may also run barefoot in NCAA competition--I did so a couple times in college, and in the early 1990s a runner won the NCAA cross country championship barefoot.

On the other hand high school leagues tend to have exhuastive and restrictive rules to prevent any kind of injury, so that would depend on the state or even the meet director.

Incidentally Abebe Bikila won the 1960 Olympic marathon running barefoot over the cobblestones on Rome, and won again in 1964, this time in shoes!

Tredmill workouts?? any ideas?

why would u run barefooted homie u need track shoes like nikes or sum air balances for track

Track and field?

ask the red barons and coaches to check if it ok
if it is ok, then do it
but if not, you might as well use track spikes

Is there such a thing as running too hard?

It is allowed under NCAA, and USATF, but not National Federation of High Schools, so I don't think you can do that in Indiana. I know you can not do that in Texas.

Improving 400 time/ Off season conditioning?

Yes if your used to it but ask your coach first. Don't do it in an important meet or you may get disqualified.

How i can find out how far i have run?

well,yes you can run barefoot but... i definitly wouldn't recomend you run bare all the timemaybe just like once a week so you don't hurt your feet but it can be good for all your muscles.

good luckā™„

What are some good women's running shoes that you would recommend?

dude there's SHARP! rocks on the xc and dirt tracks!

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