Can anyone tell me why the next morning after Ive been running my wrists are swollen & really tender & sore?

I know this is brought on by running and not food allergies or anything other factor because I have been making a menatal note of when this happens.


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Not at all - the only think I can suggest is that it's a fluid build up.

Best to speak to your doctor on that one.

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maybe you should buy a couple of tensor bandages and carefully wrap your wrists priour to runnning . see if that changes things.
just dont wrap too tightly . certainly if your hand is falling asleep or your finger nails turn colour you have the tensor bandage to tight . the bandage should just be supportive.

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This can happen after a long hike as well. The last time I took a very strenuous, long walk, I noticed my hands (I suppose my wrists as well) were swollen and tender. It's because I was not swinging my hands up as I walked. I was keeping them down low, which caused it to take longer for the blood to circulate from my hands. It's uncomfortable, but at least in my situation (hopefully yours as well) nothing to worry too much about. Perhaps you could work on your form, to aid in circulation, or else talk to a professional.

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Fluid build up? Carpal tunnel syndrome? It may not be connected to the running - unless you have been running on your hands!

Or do you sleep on your hands? I know, I do.

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Most likely fluid build-up. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water.

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