1500m Training?

Question:My girlfriend had been sick for the past 3 months so she hasn't been able to run and she's justy got better and she has a 1500m race in 3 weeks which she needs to run in under 5 minutes. She ran a 1500 today at about 90% in 6:21 so she needs to do a lot of work.
Do any of you guys know the best way to train for a 1500?


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She needs to be careful. It is easy to have a relapse and become ill again. It will take time to get back into shape after not running for 3 months. She does not have time to train normally where she builds a base and then works on stress and speed. Running easy 3 to 5 miles 3 days a week and then doing track intervals 3 days a week will help her return to form. She should do 800 repeats maybe 3 to 4 at race pace with 3 minute rest. 4x400 a little faster than race pace with 2 minute rest. 3x1000 at race pace with 5 minute rest. She can do a 1200 time trial to see where she is and what she needs to work on to get into race shape. She also needs to do some races, because racing makes you sharper than just practice.

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first thing is confidience and hard work.good luck

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