Good 800 and 1600 Times?

I am a HS freshman (girl) running track for the first time this season . I run the 800 , 1600 , and sometimes 3200 . What are good times for a Varsity athlete on these specific events ? Also, any advice would be great ! :]


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2:25-2:30 for the 800m, and top times are gonna be in the low 2:10s around state maybe even under that.

5:40-5:45 for the 1600m, and top times are gonna be around 4:59-5:10 for state winners, well thats how fast the girls run in Illinois.

If your running a 5:45 mile, you should be able to go about 12 minutes in the 2 mile... i'm talking under 12:10 easily. However, state times are going to be from 10:50 -11:10 for a state winner.

The fast runner?

a good time for me would be
800 - 2:26 ish
1600 - under 6 min.
3200 - under 13 min.

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well for the 800 4 minutes is a good time well at least for my own experience and 1600 6 minutes is a good time and for the 3200 13 or 12 minutes is a good time

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for a really amazing varsity person a 2.20ish 800, a 5.15ish 1600, and a 11.20 2 mile would be good. now, ur porbably not gonna run those since ur just a freshman but just work and practice hard so that you build ur base now and then in the next few years you will be stronger. a 2.30/40 800 is pretty good, under 6min for the mile is good, and breaking 13 for the 2 mile is also pretty good. so try those first and work your way down. good luck

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for theh 800 a good FRESHMAN time would be around the early 2:40's. and a VARISTY 800 time would be in the 2:20's.
for the 1600, try and get under 6 minutes, but if you get a few seconds above, no big deal.
and for the 3200, anywhere from 12 minutes to 13:55 is a great time :)
good luck!

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A good time for the 800 would be in the 2:30's or 2:20's. For the 1600, In the 5:40's or 50's is good. I don't know much about the 3200.

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Well, I got into Varsity while I was in Freshman year and my times were:

800m - 2:15ish
1600m - 5:20ish to 5:30ish
3200m - 12:05 (PR - I ran it only once..)

But for women, that may be too fast - especially Freshmen. Not that I'm sexist or anything, but most of the varsity women I've seen here are not as fast as the varsity men (only a few from other schools actually beat some varsity men times). So don't expect to get those times so fast, but then again I could be wrong. :) Just try your hardest and never give up. It worked for me, it should work for you.

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just over 3 min, just under 7 minutes, and 14-15 minutes

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As a freshman boy i can do 2:20 800 and 5:22 1600, I don't know about the 3200 but a freshman girl at my school on varsity ran a 2:32 800, I don't know how fast she can do the 1600 or 3200.

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