Barefoot running?

I would like to get into barefoot running, and I am seeking advice/input. Over the past year, I have changed my running style to use the ball of the foot rather than the 'normal' heel-to-ball method, and it has been like a running revolution for me (it's great!). :) Now I am thinking of venturing into the realm of barefoot running. Any experiences or opinions to share? Thanks!


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Running barefoot is great exercise and feels great as well. The best advice I can offer really goes with anything you try for the first time and that is to start out slow and build yourself up to going longer distances as your strength increases. The muscles in your feet and lower legs will be worked out more than when you're shod so like any other training, let them build themselves up just as you would any other muscle group. Also the bottoms of your feet will be a little tender at first but as you increase your training, your feet will toughen up and feel better and better. Try the links that Sheriam listed above. There is a lot you can gain from associating with other barefoot runners. Good luck.

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you will get fallen arches fast. and it hurts.

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I don't run that often but almost everything is better barefoot! In spite of what many people think, our feet can function very well without shoes, as long as you give them some time to adjust from wearing shoes all your life. Please see the websites in the source for lots of useful info!

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