Can you give me the techniques in 100 meter dash?

what should i do in the starting line and in the finish line?


English help??

the 100m is just 100% effort the entire distance.
you want to explode from the blocks at the start, get up to speed as quickly as possible, and lean into the finish.

If i am Training For Half - Marathon ... Must i run 2 time per day to improve .. of Course got rest 1 to 2 dy?

The best thing to do is while running, take long leaps and move your legs very fast. It worked for me.

If my right leg muscle near the hip ... wad should i do to get well.. /??

Gun it at thestart then get to top speed when close to the finish line leap.

Would Sore leg muscles ( Calves, Hamstrings, Quadrisepts) effect your speed in a 40?

Are you dong a standing start, crouch 3 point start or block start? I'll give you pointers on all.
On the call to the start, you will line up in your lanes, remove your outer clothing like warmup pants and jacket etc, you if using spikes you should have them on already. You will receive the command. "Runners to your marks" where you will advance to the line/blocks. then you would do the fillowing deoending on what start you are using.
Standing Start
foot is placed up to the starting line but not on it.
Feet are about shoulder width apart to obtain a good balanced position
Weight distributed so that about 2/3rds of the weight is on the front foot.
Bend the knees and lean forwards.
Arms synchronised with the legs - right foot forward and left arm forward, vice versa.
Back, neck and head in line.
Remain motionless.
3 point Start
Place your stronger leg, usually the leg you jump with, in front.
From a kneeling position, place the left (stronger) foot forward so that the edges of your toes are approximately 16 to 20 inches behind the starting line.
With the knee of your back leg on the ground, position it alongside the ball of your front foot with a 4 to 6 inch space (fist) between the legs
Extending your right arm out just behind the line, raise your hips up to a position where the angle of the front leg is about 90 degrees, and the angle of the rear leg is about 120 degrees
right hand should be extended up onto the fingertips with the fingers spread.
left arm should rest on the thigh of the left leg or in a position behind the body as if in a running position.
Assume a relaxed position with most of your body weight on the legs and a small amount of your weight on the extended front arm.
The power at the start comes from your legs, not your arm, so do not lean too far forward so that too much weight is on your arm
Block starts
On your Marks
Fingers behind the line and form a high bridge
Hands evenly positioned slightly wider than shoulder width
Shoulders back and vertically above or slightly forward of the hands
Arms straight but not locked at the elbows
Head and neck in line with the spine
Hips rise slowly to a position above the shoulders
Head and neck in line with the spine
Eyes focused on the track one or two metres ahead
Shoulders vertically above or slightly forward of the hands
Front leg knee angle approx. 90 degrees
Rear leg knee angle approx. 120 degrees
Feet pushed hard back into the blocks
At the finish run through the don't anticipate it, always run 110M, after through the line stay in your lane and walk back a few steps so the line judges can see your number which you will be wearing on your back. This is for all situations for hand timed or electronic timed races.

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