"Real" cross country races- not road races.?

Does anyone know of cross country races (preferably in the midwest) that are actually 'cross country' and not road races. I ran cross country in hs and college and miss the off road, through the mud and water sort of races! I can't seem to find any for adults. Anyone know of any?


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The Livings Histories Farm race in Des Moines, Iowa is the premier race your looking for. It is huge, tons of people, great atmosphere. Your running through creeks and everything else, it is truly cross-country.

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Check active.com that is the place to find a race like that. If there not on that web site you may never find one. good luck

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Read the book Ultra Marathon Man.

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During Cross Season check around with some of the bigger meets many of them will have a adult open section. I know the Portage Invitational (MI) and Eaton Invitationl (OH) do.

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