Can you give me the techniques in 100 meter dash?

what are the things to be done in the starting line and in the finish line during the competition?


What is the fastest mile you have ever ran?

For the start use blocks of course. You should feel when you are in the set position that you will fall flat on your face, i promise you won't. When you hear set take in a breath and hold it and push out that breath as you take off out of the blocks. Don't stand straight up right away, you want to rise up to full height after about 15-20 meters. If you need a visualization imagine being a plane taking off and the way you want to start off. Some of the best 100M runners actually only take one or two breaths in a race. I have actually tried and ran a 11.1 for the 100M. Keep on your toes of course and put your focus not on the finish line but beyond it, you want to run through the line. Many good runners have been beaten in a race because they slowed up just a touch in that last stride. Lean your body forward at the finish, I have necked out many runners by leaning at the line. Remember your foot crossing the line first doesn't count in winning a race, it is your torso. The 100 isn't a strategy race but you need to focus on what your doing to run it properly. Hope the race goes well.

What's a good track time for the 2 mile?

When sprinting, concentrate. Most sprinters just go crazy and lose control. If you concentrate and focus on your speed, you can go faster! With each footstep, push off strong and stay balanced.

What is a suicide pace?

1. sprint start. make sure your start is strong and fast, helps to give you that edge on everyone else.
2. keep looking forward- dont lok at the floor 'cos thats where you will end up.
3. keep on your toes! - there more springy and fast
4. practice , and road run,- improves stamina and makes ya legs stronger!

relax before the race!

good luck

How much does the cold and wind effect your running?

While running you should try to pretend you are pushing the track away as you run off it… Kind of like a treadmill…It should make you run faster.

How can I become a better runner?

when coming out of the starting blocks, drive your arms as hard as you can, but keep your head lowered. drive up your knees and raise your head after 10-15 meters. run full speed through the finish line and bob your head down quickly as you cross it. always run through the line full speed for the best time. good luck

Could you tell me what is a good time (range) for a thirteen year old in the 1500m?

Good start- to keep up with the others
Building up- Once out the blocks keep you head down to build speed probably better off wacthing feet come out the blocks.
Left U head- open up the speed unleash
Bat out of hell- Left knees pump arms faster u move arms faster legs move
Time burning- Must ppl bob their head at max speed its whatever u do
Finish- wacth next 7 ppl finish

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